Christian mom counseling
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Reconnecting you to the joys of life…

You thought you were ready for it…

ready to be married, to be a parent, to launch your child into the world.

But instead you feel…


It’s difficult when you find yourself in uncharted territory. This season of your life is filled with so much stress that you just feel exhausted, ready to give up.

But, I see you.

You are brave.
You are loved.
You are here.

You are ready to find your way back to a place where you can see the future and feel connected to your dreams, to your family and friends, and to God.

Individual Counseling

When you don’t have the support
you need during seasons of overwhelm, loss or relational challenges,
connect with a trusted partner
to restore hope for tomorrow.

Foster/Adoptive Parenting

Parenting a child who has experienced trauma can be difficult and even impossible some days. Learn how to have a trauma-informed parenting approach so there is more peace in your home.

Couples Counseling

Whether you are dating, engaged or been married for years, relationship challenges happen. Exploring the roadblocks can get your relationship back on track.

Kara Blankenship, Christian counselor for women in Texas

Your Christian Counselor

Kara Blankenship

Seeking help when you don’t think anyone really understands what you’re experiencing can feel so hard. You may not think it will be worth it, but you’ll be thankful you were courageous when you find your joy in life again.

I’m Kara Blankenship, and I have a heart for reconnecting women like you to your joys in life. I provide a safe space where your voice is heard so that you can explore your connections to yourself, your family and God through holistic approaches. I’ve experienced difficult seasons in my journey, and I know that through exploring your hurts and learning tools for growth, you will find your way back to living life with joy.

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  • Find joy in living again!
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Are you ready…

to find new ways to overcome?
to experience peace in your heart and home?
to connect authentically with God and others?

Find the joy of life again!

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