Connected Family Wellness is a private Christian counseling and coaching practice which offers a safe space where your voice is heard by our gracious, authentic wellness partner who will journey with you as you explore your connections to yourself, your family, your community and God. Our practitioner offers counseling services to clients physically located in Texas and coaching to clients throughout the United States through online telehealth services.


Individual counseling is available for women, especially moms, who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress related challenges.

Dad, Mom, preschool boy and baby lying on a bed smiling at each other

Foster/Adoptive Parent Coaching

Raising a child who has experienced trauma complicates the parenting experience. Connected Family Wellness offers foster and adoptive parents the opportunity to have 1-on-1 coaching from trauma-informed parent coach who will guide you to providing a safe environment for healing connections with children.

Brain Health Coaching

Connected Family Wellness practitioners know that supporting brain health through holistic interventions often encourages clients who have struggled to find answers through traditional means. We want you to feel like you are able to function well now and for your future.

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